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BimBamBoo – Natural Bamboo Fibre Kids’ Dining Sets

Most conventional kids tableware is made from melamine and formaldehyde to produce a very
durable thermosetting plastic called melamine resin. However, the downside is of this type of
melamine tableware is that it’s created using some pretty heavy-duty chemicals; not great when
your kids are going to be eating from it.

That’s why BimBamBoo was created, a new range of kids’ dining sets made from naturally organic
bamboo fibre and non-GMO corn starch. They contain no BPA, no phthalates and no petro
chemicals and, because it’s made from bamboo fibre, it’s also naturally sterile.

Better still, at the end of its lifecycle and you can send it back to nature by simply crushing it,
soaking it in boiling water and then burying it with your organic compost. You certainly can’t do
that with conventional plastic!

BimBamBoo. The Natural choice for your kids.