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Who is Brilli Baby: Our company was started to provide brilliant solutions for today’s family.  Our motto is uncompromising quality, and this is why the Cup Catcher is proudly made in the USA from concept to finished product.  Years of extensive research, testing, and development, along with multiple revisions have ensured our patent approved design and safety features. 

The Cup Catcher was invented & designed after our many experiences raising our 2 sons.  Here is a little snapshot of what lead to our invention!


• We continuously picked up our son's cup during meal/snack time & washed the cup to

   prevent germs and dirt.

• At the zoo, his cup fell from the stroller, rolled onto the ground being covered in dirt, and I

   didn't have anything to clean it!  It was a hot, Texas summer day, and he was THIRSTY!

• My husband drove an hour long commute to work, and my son’s sippy cup would fall on

   the floor (at the beginning of the commute), but because he was on the highway, he could

   not reach the cup in the back seat, leading to a very GRUMPY child!