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Baby Carrier 1-p

Baby Carrier 1-p

It is finally here – the baby carrier small enough to tuck in your nursery bag and big enough to carry a tired two-year-old.

The solution from IN THE POCKET BABY is designed with the ergonomic advantages of the sling for both the child and the carrier, combined with modern design for versatility and ease of use.

Folded into the smart, integrated storage pocket, the baby carrier takes minimal space. Keep it in your nursery bag and pull it out whenever you need to lighten the load and keep your hands free – in the shop, at the airport, in the laundry room or when you and your baby just want to cuddle.

The straps are fully adjustable for individual comfort.

The baby carrier from IN THE POCKET BABY can be used for babies from birth up to 20 kg. In sitting position on the hip after about 5 months, and sitting on the back or hip after about 10 months. Breastfeeding the baby while in the baby carrier also works beautifully, relieving the strain on Mum and making a peaceful cocoon for Baby.